Install Downloader by AFTVnews for FireStick

Now you can install and download Downloader by AFTVnews on FireStick Cube / Lite / 4K. App Download free from Amazon AppStore to have the best internet browser to install app streaming files.

Download the Downloader by AFTVnews App for Fire tv Stick

Currently Downloader is hosted on the Amazon Firestick store known as AppStore, download the new version 1.4.5 which is free and compatible with all versions of FireTV.

Guide on how to install Downloader on FireTV Stick

  • Turn on your Fire TV and on your remote control click on the Google Play button.
  • Once you have entered the Amazon Play Store Apps type Downloader and click search.
  • Download and Install Downloader, you need to accept the permissions required by the App, this is essential for use on FireTV.
  • Now you can open Downloader.

Video explaining how to configure Downloader on FireTV Stick

If you are new to using an Amazon Fire TV Stick this is the best way to run and set up Downloader on FireStick 4k / Lite / Cube

How to use Downloader in FireTV ?

The app is compatible with all models of Amazon FireTV and can be used taking into account that you need internet connection to browse websites.

By having Downloader By AfTVnews running on your FireStick TV device you can download files in Apk format, you can also uninstall apps that you have in your storage.

Why doesn’t Downloader open on my Fire Stick TV ?

This is because you did not enable the option of unknown apps that are not in the Play Store, in the article we are leaving a tutorial on how you should configure Downloader By AFTVnews to install Apps.

You should also note that Downloader is completely free for all your Fire TVStick devices.

How to Update Downloader on Amazon Fire TV Stick

Simple, do it from the Play Store of your Amazon TV or you can also download the official version in Apk format that we are sharing on our website.


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