Download Downloader in Apk format for FireStick, Android TV, Google TV and TV Box

It is possible that Downloader is not available in the Play Store of your smart TV and this happens because it is not geolocalized in some regions or countries. Learn in detail how to install Downloader in Apk format for Android TV, TV Box, Fire TV, Chromecast.

Download Downloader 1.4.5 official version for Android download and unlimited use.

Download Downloader on Apk for Smart TV / Android TV

This method is used for Android TVs that Downloader does not appear in the Google Play app store. Now we are going to download Downloader in Apk format totally free and reliable.

Install Downloader in Apk format for Android Smart TV

I will show you how to watch Downloader on TV, download File Here.

  • Download and install the Send files to TV app from the Play Store, download to your Android phone and Smart TV.

  • Now you just have to OPEN Send files to TV on both your cell phone and TV.
  • On your cell phone press SEND and on your Android TV press RECEIVE.

  • Then click on the Apk you have transferred and select OPEN, start downloading and installing the Downloader by AFTVnews Apk.

  • Then click on the Apk you have transferred and select OPEN, start downloading and installing the Downloader by AFTVnews Apk.

  • Now you can Open Downloader by AFTVnews and start using it without limits.

How to download Downloader in APK for Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TVs with Tizen system are not compatible with Downloader as this brand of TV does not use Android system.

There is a way to install Downloader on Samsung TV for it is necessary to buy an Amazon Fire TV or TV Box device that is connected to your TV and turns it into Android TV.

Downloader for LG Smart TV with WebOS

It does not work on any model of LG TVs that use WebOS system. As we know it is not possible to install Apks directly on LG Smart TVs.

How to update Downloader on TV?

Simple, on our official website we are sharing the new version of Downloader 1.4.5 for all your favorite Android TV devices.

Visit our website to get more information about new Downloader App news.

Downloader is free for Smart TV ?

You can download the App for free and reliably without viruses or malware. It is available for all countries in the world and to use it on TV you don’t need a remote control as it has its own remote control for better navigation.

Download free from the Android TV Play Store or directly Apk file in its latest version.

Why can’t I install Downloader on my TV?

This is the main reason:

To download and install Downloader on Apk you must enable unknown origins on your Smart TV and this way it can host unknown apps.


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